Din Rail Surge Protectors


Signal type protection:

  • RS-232

  • RS-485/RS-422

  • Analog Input Current: 0-20mA και 4-20mA

  • Analog Input Voltage: 0-10V

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3 Stages Protection

Left Side: Field
Right Side: To the protected controller

Stage 1: Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) – Clamping Voltage : 75V

We are using a gas discharge tube for the large transient voltages and the 1st step of protection for your system.

Stage 2: Resettable Fuses – Clamping Resistance : <1Ohm

Resistors are used in order to save the wirings of the system from melting, exactly like using a circuit breaker. But since using normal resistors would require replacing them after an overvoltage, and having additional tending costs, we are using resettable fuses on our systems so that you have a Circuit breaker that can be self-resetted when the current stops and it cools down.

Stage 3: Transils – Clamping Voltage = Depending on the Line

The Final stage in surge protection are Transils, which are the electronic components that have replaced the Varistors (MOVs). They have a faster response timing, far less leakage current, and can also be used bidirectionally and unidirectionally, depending on their type.