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Elcon | Systems & Components specializes in development, manufacture, sales and support of Automation systems.

Our products include: Programmable Logical Controllers (PLC), PID Controllers, HMI, Servo Motors and Drives, Remote I/O Systems, Data Loggers, Protocol Converters/Gateways, Sensors and Power supply units.

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Great variety of PLC with many I/O (Inputs/Outputs) combination to choose from.

Compact PLC and Modules programmable with {tip CoDeSys: The standard in IEC 61131-3 controller and PLC programming::


CoDeSys(Controller De velopment System) is a comprehensive software tool for industrial automation technology. Basically it consists of two parts: the programming system CoDeSys and the runtime system CoDeSys Control. The runtime system turns any intelligent automation device into an IEC 61131-3 controller programmable with CoDeSys. Integrated compilers make sure that the program code is processed at optimal speed.


Over 250 renowned device manufacturers from different industrial sectors program their automation devices with CoDeSys. Consequently, thousands of end users such as machine or plant builders around the world employ CoDeSys for their daily work for all sorts of different automation tasks. Today, CoDeSys is the leading hardware independent IEC 61131-3 development tool on the market and has established itself as the standard in controller and PLC programming.}CoDeSys{/tip}, and with CANopen communication protocol, or Compact PLCs with Modbus communication.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)