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Choose among a great variety of Remote I/O devices compliant to Modbus RTU or

{tip CANopen ::

canopen logo is a standardized application for distributed automation systems based on CAN (Controller Area Network) offering the following performance features: 

  • Transmission of time-critical process data according to the producer consumer principle
  • Standardized device description (data, parameters, functions, programs) in the form of the so-called \"object dictionary\". Access to all \"objects\" of a device with standardized transmission protocol according to the client-server principle
  • Standardized services for device monitoring (node guarding/heartbeat), error signalisation (emergency messages) and network coordination (\"network management\")
  • Standardized system services for synchronous operations (synchronization message), central time stamp message
  • Standardized help functions for configuring baud rate and device identification number via the bus
  • Standardized assignment pattern for message identifiers for simple system configurations in the form of the so-called \"predefined connection set\"
Device profile for generic I /O modules (CiA 401, V3.0)   Device profile drives and motion control (CiA 402, V2.0) ... Interface and device profile for IEC 61131-3 programmable devices (CiA 405, V2.0) ...
CANopen application layer and communication profile (CiA 301, V4.1, also EN 50325-4) and CANopen framework for CANopen managers and programmable CANopen devices (CiA 302, V3.4)
CAN data link layer (ISO 11898:2003)
CAN physical layer (ISO 11898:2003)
CANopen Bus

}CANopen{/tip} protocols.

(The remote I/O devices are compatible with any controller that supports Modbus or CANopen protocols)

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Remote I/O Systems