Company Profile

ELCON Systems & Components was founded in 2008 and is the result and continuation of the long-term business activity of the company's manager George Bintarchas and his associates.


The twenty-year experience in the field of electronics, electromechanical and information systems is a guarantee for efficient, reliable and functional operation of all projects we undertake.


Specifically our business operates in the following areas:


Integrated Automation Solutions  (Hardware - Software).

  • Industrial Automations (Control and Monitoring of manufacturing procedures, Quality Control, SCADA etc.).
  • Technical Projects' Automations (BMS, Fire Detection, Fire extinguish, pumping stations' automations, Energy management and distribution etc.).
  • Motion Control Applications.
  • Technical support of installed projects.

Providing service in our field of expertise, and specifically on:

  • Technical Studies.
  • Specifications.
  • Maintenance.

Design and manufacture of electromechanical systems.

  • Design and manufacture of special controllers.
  • Design and manufacture of Remote Input/Output Systems (RIO systems).
  • Design and manufacture of autonomous systems.