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  • The products and services of are provided "as is" and "as available", without any representation, confirmation or written guarantee, stated or implied; guaranteeing  though adequate quality, suitability, compliance and security. In no case does bear responsibility for any civil or law requirements, nor for any damage caused by site's visitors/third parties, concerning the functionality and usage of the web site, the inability to provide services and information, normally provided, as well as any third party intervention to products and services provided throughout this website.
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User's Responsibility

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  • The user understands and accepts that the site's owners reserve the exclusive right to disable the password to access the services or content to users who are believed to have violated the letter and spirit of these terms.
  • We bear no responsibility for the user's communication with third party service providers who advertise on the site for any commercial transaction that may arise from their relationship.
  • When a user requests technical support for dealing with any problem related to the services provided, then the person responsible for addressing the problem may have access to the full range of information about the user's request (messages, attachments, etc.) . The responsible administrator is bound by this privacy statement.

Personal Data - Privacy Statement

  • We always aim through advanced methods to take measures in achieving the maximum security for your personal data and transactions. While using the website, you might be asked for some information that are related to your Personal Data, that will be automatically processed and integrated in automated files.
  • In any case we abide by the principles of protection of personal data, Law 2472/1997, as it is presently in effect, as well as to the present terms of personal data protection.
  • While the users register their personal data, they will be presented with the option of not giving their consent for our usage of that information in light of promotional purposes. It should be noted that this communication ability is not going to be abused in light of promoting new products and services or updates about offers. Furthermore at any given time users have the option to stop receiving such messages.
  • Under no circumstances will the site disclose, grant or make available to third parties information entrusted to us. The only exception to the statement above is the case of a user granting consent at his registration, or the law requires disclosure of his personal data, or that some pieces of information are necessary for his order.


  • The right to amend these terms at any time Is expressly retained.
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