VR06 Paperless Recorder


6.4 Inches Color TFT LCD with 640X480 pixels resolution.
Up to 6 isolated analog input channels.

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Technical Specifications

Default Price is based on a single channel analog input module, with no digital I/O, standard Ethernet interface, Software, 512MB CF card, panel mounting.

6.4" Color TFT LCD with 640X480 pixels resolution

Maximum Channels:

  • 6 isolated analog input channels
  • Plug & Play Supported I / O card, 6 Slots

High Flexibility: 

  • User configurable l / O card
  • Expandable modular architecture
  • Flexible screen configuration 


  • Soft keys coupled with interactive dialog simplify setup & operation procedures
  • Easy - to - access function keys
I/O Expansion Card Pricelist
Expansion Card Type
 1 Analog Input Channel  85,70
 2 Analog Input Channels 142,90
 3 Analog Input Channels 200,00
 3 Analog Output (Current) Channels 171,40
 3 Analog Output (Voltage) Channels  171,40
 6 Digital Input Channels  137,10
 6 Digital Output (Relay) Channels 137,10
 RS-232/422/485 & Ethernet Communication Module  76,20

Infrared Detector:

  • Shut off LCD automatically to prolong LCD life and save power while nobody near by

Save Space:

  • Only 174 mm (6.9") depth behind panel

Various Display Formats:

  • Vertical trend
  • Horizontal trend
  • Bar Graph, Numerical or mixed

Data Storage:

  • Flash ROM
  • Compact Flash Card or 
  • PC


  • Standard Ethernet and optional RS-232 / 422 / 485


  • 18 - bit A -D analog input, 15-bit D-A analog output.

Fast Sampling Rate: 

  • 200 msec for all channels
  • Programmable Filter or Moving Average Sampling Method

Statistics with Instant , Average , Min./ Max. Values

Programmable Alarms and Messages available

Portable / Bench Top Assembly Kit available